Saturday, April 4, 2009


The origins of the game of cricket are lost in the mists of time. This game was being played in Kent. Cricket seems that the English game started in the sheep-rearing of the south east, there was short grass it possible to bowl a ball of wool at a target. the wicket-gate of the sheep pasture is “target” , this was defended with a bat in the form of shepherd’s staff.
In the early of the century the game was popular as a rough rural pastime, but after some time the leisure men took up the sport, particularly in Sussex, Kent, and London. In the mid of the 18th century this game was mostly popular in the society, from village to cities. But cricket was lacked of many rules.
The first cricket club in 1760’s at the land of Hembledon, Hampshire. These club sponsored by wealthy patrons, but the players are local farmers and tradesmen. The Hambledon club established techniques of batting and bowling which still hold today. “Birthplace of Cricket”, Hembledon was mentioned in history. After that this was shifted to“LONDON”. Lord’s ground is headquartering. Some formal laws and rules gave by the Marylebone Cricket Club. These laws and rules continuous yet time....
Cricket begins at firstly at school and college level .cricket was popular among the students that an annual match.
Cricket matches is going on 5 days, its called test match. In test match each team having two “innings”, or turns at bat. One day matches has limited over. A one day match has only one inning for each team. These time cricket played at worldwide and going on nicely. this time the power of cricket shifted from England to other countries such as: South Africa, Australia, India, Pakistan, and the West Indies.


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